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An Easier Way to Sell

We developed a way to identify the best buyers for your home within days ( not months), while it is new and fresh on the market, the time when buyers pay more. We then create an auction-like environment where buyers bid against each other and drive up your price. We are proud that a high percentage of our homes sell for thousands over the seller’s asking price.

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The Traditional Process

  • Long commitment
  • No competitive environment
  • No buyer urgency
  • Months of uncertainty
  • Lower offers
  • Disapointed sellers

Our 72-Hour Program

  • Shorter commitment
  • Competitive environment
  • High buyer urgency
  • Fast resolution
  • Higher offers
  • Happy sellers

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The first step is to get a price on your home.

“The 72 Hour approach identifies virtually every buyer for a home before it’s allowed to be shown, gets them excited, creates fear of loss, an urgency to act, and a motivation to make high offers. Worked for us! They sold and closed our home in thirty days.”

Jim & Sherry Packard

“They sold our home in 72 hours for full list price!
This is the real deal!”


Michael Johnson & Donna Atlee 

Get Started Now

The first step is to get a price on your home.

Peggy Yee – REALTOR® | Based in Mclean, VA | Licensed in VA

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