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Three simple steps


Set your price

We value your home and help you establish an asking price.


Choose your weekend

Choose a weekend we can show your home to our buyers.


Consider your offers

Accept, reject or negotiate the offers we present to you on Monday.

Learn how we sell homes at higher prices

An Easier Way to Sell

Choose a weekend we can show your home. We only need an hour on Saturday and Sunday. Receive multiple cash offers on Monday.

The Traditional Process

  • Long commitment
  • No competitive environment
  • No buyer urgency
  • Months of uncertainty
  • Lower offers
  • Disapointed sellers

Our 72-Hour Program

  • Shorter commitment
  • Competitive environment
  • High buyer urgency
  • Fast resolution
  • Higher offers
  • Happy sellers

Get Started Now

The first step is to get a price on your home.

“The 72 Hour approach identifies virtually every buyer for a home before it’s allowed to be shown, gets them excited, creates fear of loss, an urgency to act, and a motivation to make high offers. Worked for us! They sold and closed our home in thirty days.”

Jim & Sherry Packard (January 2019)

“They sold our home in 72 hours for full list price!
This is the real deal!”


Michael Johnson & Donna Atlee (February 2019)

“We had 32 showings, three offers, and a cash sale at a great price on our home.”

“We sold our home for $750,000 with multiple offers, $5000 over asking price.”

“We sold our home at full price ($418,000) in one weekend.”

We developed a proprietary way to identify virtually every buyer for your home within 14 days after you decide to sell. We then schedule all these buyers to see your home together in a compressed one hour time frame on a Saturday and Sunday. We then tell them they have a Monday 4:00 pm deadline for making offers. This creates a competitive environment that results in higher offers and a deadline that causes buyers to stop looking and take action on your home. This is a dramatic improvement over the traditional home sale process because it consistently results in faster sales at higher prices. It’s so good, it has even been featured in Forbes and on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox television.

Greg Hague, Founder/CEO, 72 Hour Home Selling Program

Get Started Now

The first step is to get a price on your home.

Peggy Yee – REALTOR® | Based in Mclean, VA | Licensed in VA

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